Fargo-Moorhead's Flat Roofing Specialists

With industry-best materials and training, trust Allstar Construction of Fargo to repair or replace your flat or low-angle roofing system.


Flat Roofing

With industry-best materials and training, trust Allstar Construction of Fargo to repair or replace your flat or low-angle roofing system.


Welcome to Allstar Construction of Fargo – Fargo-Moorhead’s premier flat roofing specialists!

With over 45 years of expertise in flat or low-slope roofs and an uncompromising commitment to quality, we are proud to provide durable, weather-resistant flat roofing solutions that are tailored to withstand the unique climate of North Dakota. 

Whether you’re looking to patch up an existing roof or install something new, trust us to keep your home or business protected, efficient, and looking its best.

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Reliable, Long-term Protection

We take pride in our reputation as Fargo's best option for residential roofing. We've never cut corners and aren't about to start.

4 Decades of Expertise .. & Counting!

With AllStar Fargo, you get an established roofing contractor who is time-tested with a proven track record of success.

Superior Quality, Guaranteed

We partner with the leading brands and deliver top-quality work every time, with Fargo's best workmanship guarantees.

Customer Service Obsessed

We don't exist without our customers. That's why we commit to exceed your expectations, every time.


Allstar Fargo’s team has been extensively trained in the industry’s most sought-after flat roofing materials, ensuring that we can select and properly install or repair a wide variety of low-angle roof applications.

  • EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer): A durable synthetic rubber that offers excellent resistance to sunlight and weathering.
  • TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin): Known for its heat-reflective properties and energy efficiency, TPO is a single-ply roofing membrane that helps reduce cooling costs.
  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride): A strong, lightweight roofing material that is resistant to chemicals and fire, making it ideal for both residential and commercial buildings.
  • Modified Bitumen: This asphalt-based roofing is reinforced with fiberglass or polyester fiber matting for enhanced durability and tear resistance

Flat roofs can help maximize your home’s usable outdoor space and are also perfect for porches, decks, garages, and more.   Choose Allstar Fargo to install, maintain, or repair your low-angle roof today.


Financing Available For Roofing, Siding, Window Installation, And Decks: 12 Months To 10 Year Plans, Some With 0% Interest.


Allstar Fargo is fully licensed and insured to handle any roofing project in North Dakota & Minnesota.  Whether it’s a new roof or repairs, we’re here to serve you with personalized solutions and above-and-beyond service. 

Flat Roof Installation

Allstar Fargo's flat roofing solutions offer energy-efficient performance across a wide range of temperatures, making them ideal to endure Fargo-Moorhead's four seasons.

Flat Roof Repair

Pooling water, roof leaks, ruptured membranes, and broken seals are common issues in older flat roofs. Our team will fix the issue and upgrade your low-angle roof to modern standards.

Flat Roof Replacement

If you have an aging flat roof with recurring issues, a modern material such as EPDM/EPO, TPO, PVC, or Modified Bitumen offers a range of benefits, from energy-efficiency to durability.

Flat Roof Maintenance

Unsure how your low-angle roof is doing? Routine upkeep from a certified flat roofing specialist ensures you identify issues early and helps extend your roof's longevity.

Apartments & Multi-Family

Secure the longevity and safety of your multi-family property with our specialized flat roofing services—get a free estimate today and see how we can optimize your roof's performance!

commercial flat roof

Commercial Flat Roofing

Discover how our expert flat roofing solutions can protect your investment and enhance your property's efficiency—contact us today for a free, comprehensive estimate!

We Love Fargo, and Fargo loves us!

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Premium Roofing Materials, Unmatched Quality

Roofing Questions? We've Got Answers.

In Fargo, where temperatures vary widely throughout the year, durable materials like PVC, TPO, and EPDM are excellent choices due to their resistance to extreme temperatures and ability to handle snow and ice effectively.

We recommend inspecting your flat roof at least twice a year, in the spring and fall, to address any damage from severe winter weather and prepare for summer conditions.

The cost can vary widely depending on the material and size of the roof, but typically ranges from $5 to $10 per square foot. For a more precise estimate, it’s best to contact us for an on-site inspection and customized quote.

Adding a reflective coating or installing additional insulation can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs by preventing heat loss in winter and reducing heat absorption in summer.

Contact a professional roofing contractor immediately to assess and repair the leak. Prompt action and a thorough inspection can prevent more extensive damage to the roof structure and interior of your building.

Yes, excessive snow accumulation can put additional weight and stress on your roof. It’s important to have a snow removal plan in place to prevent potential damage.

Yes, Fargo and Moorhead both have specific building codes that include requirements for roof design, materials, and installation methods to ensure safety and durability. As a flat roof specialist, our team can ensure your roof meets all local regulations.

Warranties can vary depending on the materials used, but generally range from 10 to 25 years. Give us a call to talk through your options and learn the guarantees we offer for our range of flat roofing products.

Allstar Construction of Fargo is proud to work with the most trusted roofing manufacturers, including CertainTeed, GAF, Owens Corning and more. What are you waiting for? Let’s talk about your roofing needs today when you call us for a free estimate.

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No matter the flat roof project, Allstar Construction of Fargo can make the process easy, affordable and efficient. Let’s discuss your project during our initial free consultation. 

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